Ahlströminkatu 6, 78250 Varkaus
PL 208, 78201 Varkaus
telephone exchange (017) 579 411,
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Varkaus – A lively city surrounded by lakes


Varkaus is a small, modern city of 23,000 inhabitants in the lake district of Finland. Here you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, high quality cultural and sports services, interesting visiting sites and numerous leisure activities as well as relaxing treatments at the spa. In the centre, a multitude of services is available within walking distance. Unspoiled nature and security make Varkaus a great place to live.

We are highly skilled in forestry and paper milling, energy production and high technology. International interaction is our daily bread. Our latest innovations include an experimental biodiesel plant and a lithium battery factory that started production in 2011. In addition to techonological advances our pioneering spirit is illustrated by our sturgeon farm, which has made Varkaus a caviar producer in 2011.

The landscape around Varkaus is distinguished by beautiful lakes and rivers, greenery, canals and bridges. Summers here can be spent boating, swimming, fishing and on ship cruises. In the Taipale canal area you can watch ships going through the locks and find out about the history of canal building in the Canal Museum.  The best view over the city and environs can be found from the Sateenkaari viewing platform high up in the water tower. For a unique experience visit the 'Museum' of Mechanical Music, where an entertaining tour takes you into nostalgic yesteryears. The Spa Hotel Kuntoranta with its wellness services is a fine vacation spot, as it offers programmed and free activities for all age groups throughout the year.

On the cultural side, you will be well served by the Varkaus Theater, the Warkaus-Sali conference and concert hall, the museums of Varkaus and the Väinölä Art Centre. Various events extend the spectrum of cultural offerings. The sports and exercise opportunities in the region are top notch, with facilities including a swimming hall, ice sports centre, sports hall, bowling alley, athletics centre, ballparks, tennis courts and tennis hall, downhill skiing piste, cross-country skiing tracks, gyms and exercise trails.

And to top it off: Situated 320km north from Helsinki Varkaus is easy to reach. Both national roads 5 and 23 lead you into the city and the flight from Helsinki to Varkaus takes merely an hour. You may also use the Saimaa deep-water channel to travel to Varkaus by boat all the way from the Baltic Sea.

Welcome to Varkaus, be it for a visit or to build your home on a lake shore!