Civic engagement

Elections and voting

Municipal elections

By voting in the municipal elections, held every four years, you have a say in who represents you in the highest municipal decision-making body, the Council. The number of seats on the Council depends on the population of the municipality. The Varkaus City Council has 43 members.


Political engagement

Several systems have been put in place to support decision making and preparations, and to provide local residents with the opportunity to have a say in public matters with the aim of promoting genuine interaction and communication.

Residents’ panels

To support the planning, development and assessment of healthcare services, Varkaus has appointed two residents’ panels: one at the main health centre and one at the Kangaslampi centre. Additionally, there is a residents’ panel for early childhood education.

If you feel there is a need for a residents’ panel, please contact the Varkaus City civic engagement coordinator. Panels can be appointed for any field of activity. Initiatives can also be filed by individual citizens.

Partnership desks

Varkaus City is adopting a system of partnership desks: one is designed to improve availability of services and one to address issues related to the formerly independent municipality of Kangaslampi.

Partnership desks offer the opportunity for the various players to consider the needs to develop specific services, or improvements to the living environment in general, and look for joint solutions to these issues. A prime example is the partnership desk on access to services.

Municipal initiative

Local residents have the right to submit initiatives to the local authority on matters related to its operations. Normally, the initiatives are related to the development of a specific service or activity on a general level. The municipality is required to respond to each initiative and inform the resident filing the initiative of the measures taken.

The initiative can be formulated freely but it needs to be submitted in writing. Anonymous initiatives are not processed. The City of Varkaus is also involved in the secure web-based nationwide service provided by the Ministry of Justice free of charge.

Initiatives can be sent by post to Varkauden kaupunki, PL 208, 78201 Varkaus, or filed at the City Hall Registry at Ahlströminkatu 6.


The city offers an online feedback service available 24/7.

All comments are answered within two weeks. The feedback service in available only in finnish.