Decision making

City Board

The City Board is the decision-making body with the highest executive authority in the city.

The eleven members of the City Board are elected by the Council from among its members and deputy members for a period of two years. The Council elects a Chair and Vice-Chairs from among the City Board members.

The City Board makes independent decisions on matters delegated to it by the Council. The City Board is responsible for the administration and financial management of the city and for all preparatory work and execution of Council decisions including legal compliance.

The City Board represents the city, looks after its interests and exercises its right of audience. Aside from the Council, all local government decision-making bodies and the local government officers are subordinate to the City Board.


City Council

The Council exercises the public authority to decide on the common affairs of local residents. The Council determines the city budget, including the operating and financial plan, defines the main strategies and chooses the members of the other municipal bodies (e.g. the City Executive and city committees). Key positions in these bodies are filled by Council members.

Boards and committees

City of Varkaus has eight committees

  • Education Committee

  • Central Electoral Committee

  • Sports and Free Time Committee

  • Social Welfare Committee

  • Regional Environmental Committee

  • Education Committee

  • Auditing Committee

  • Technical Committee

The members of the committees are elected by the City Council. The City Executive appoints its own representative to each committee.
Beside the committees, the city also has several boards appointed to oversee municipal undertakings or to fulfil a specific function.

The responsibilities of the committees and boards are defined in their rules of procedure.