Medical helplines

Hyvinvointi Ankkuri

044 743 6403

Osmajoentie 1 (library, 2nd fl.), 78200 Varkaus

Opening hours:

Mon–Thu 09.00–15.00

Fridays and bank holiday eves 09.00–14.00.

Hyvinvointi Ankkuri offers preventive healthcare services without appointment. Ankkuri offers support and guidance for self-care and general improvement of an individual’s own well-being. Additionally, the services include blood pressure testing, vaccination advice and removal of stitches. The services are provided free of charge.


Wankkuri – see a nurse without prior appointment

Varkaus Health Centre

+358 17 579 6000

Savontie 55, 78300 VARKAUS

Opening hours:

Mon–Thu 07.30–15.30

Fridays and bank holiday eves 07.30–13.30

Wankkuri provides services such as healthcare advice and guidance, removal of stiches, dewaxing of ears, assessment of small cuts or skin conditions, injections and vaccinations and it also issues medical certificates for sick leaves. Additionally, Wankkuri distributes diabetes care-kits during the office hours.